Dr. Don Huber: GMOs are a Dangerous Technology Based on “Fossil Science”

By On September 28, 2015

Opponents of the Organic and GMO Free movement (often industry linked) have attempted to discredit it by saying that it is not backed by sound science.

But what most people don’t realize is that science itself has become big business, with the very corporations that stand to benefit from positive experiments oftentimes linked to the funding that enables them. For example, many outlets fail to mention that large numbers of GMO “safety studies” are linked to Monsanto itself. And Monsanto has also been able to avoid legitimate long-term safety testing by enjoying cozy relationships with government officials and a revolving door in Washington for gaining high-level positions.

In addition, these outlets fail to address or comment on the growing number of esteemed scientists questioning the safety of GMOs and the chemicals they are designed to produce or withstand.

One such scientist is Dr. Don Huber (Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology, Purdue University) an outspoken opponent of genetic engineering who recently sat down for a comprehensive interview with the website Food Integrity Now (you can hear it by clicking on this link).

Huber has been sounding the alarm about the dangerous and unsustainable agricultural system of GMOs and glyphosate, and he believes that this controversial combination is based on highly flawed, outdated science.

Huber: GMOs Based on “Fossil Science”

Not to be confused with hybrids, genetic modification, also known as genetic engineering, involves creating new types of seeds (not seen in nature) in a laboratory. The seeds are made to either resist the popular (and cancer-linked) herbicide glyphosate, or to produce Bt toxins within the plant itself.

Huber believes that these GMOs, which make up the vast majority of corn, soy, canola and other crops in the United States (but are increasingly being banned around the world including by Russia, Italy, France and other nations in the past month) are based on flawed, faulty science, as mentioned in the interview.

“Genetic engineering as we practice it today is based on fossil science,” he said. “Based on the concept that you have one gene that controls one function.

“We know that isn’t the case, we threw out that whole concept of genetics pretty much about 50 years ago with the sequencing of the human genome, when we realized it’s not one gene, one function, it’s the spatial relationship between genetic material and the influence of the environment that determines what is produced.”

Huber believes that GMOs as practiced today are “probably best (best) described as a destructive process…”

For more on Huber’s analysis and why GMOs are such an imprecise, inherently risky technology, check out the full interview from Food Integrity Now by clicking on this link.


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