Food Policy Expert Speaks: Safety of GMOS for Humans “Has Not Been Proven” (Video)

By On September 17, 2015 

The debate on the safety of genetically modified foods has raged on, with one medical journal recently making a big statement by publishing a peer-reviewed study arguing that the famous Séralini study was right after all.

The study was retracted after a firestorm of controversy initiated by political moves linked to the Biotech industry.

But if the core parts of the study in fact true, the implications are staggering: Séralini showed that rats eating GMOs were exceptionally prone to growing cancerous tumors.

It’s just one of several studies casting doubt on the government line that GMOs are well-tested and safe, and recently one food policy expert set up shop behind a video camera to tell the world she also is not buying the party line about the safety of GMOs.

Joan Gussow, a Columbia Professor specializing in food policy, explains in the video below why she does her best to avoid GMOs (thanks to GMO Free USA for the share).

“We’re spraying the whole world with glyphosate, and now with something worse they got approved,” Gussow says, noting the carcinogenic herbicide component of Monsanto’s Roundup that GMO crops are created (in a lab) to withstand.

Gussow also references the movie (and book) Merchants of Doubt, which explains how a handful of people are able to cast doubt in the minds of government regulators and others giving their products just enough leeway to be accepted in the marketplace.

She references tobacco industry tactics and notes how the same strategies and even the same people are involved in attempting to make GMOs look “safe” for consumption.

Click on the picture below to see her YouTube speech about the doubts she has on GMO safety:


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