V8 Juice Has a Dirty Little Secret…

by Nick Meyer

One of the biggest issues with V8 juice is one that most people don’t even realize — it’s actually made with something called “reconstituted vegetable juice,” a low-quality substitute for fresh-made juice that doesn’t give you the same health benefits.

Have you ever seen how companies are quick to boast that their juices are “not from concentrate?” That’s because juice from concentrate removes many of the enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins needed to get the best health benefits.

The V8 juice most people drink is reconstituted which is quite similar to juices from concentrate, and it is of inferior quality.

Most people also don’t realize that synthetic Vitamin C and other vitamins are added to juices like V8, but it’s a red flag as to the quality of the juice.

That’s because the vitamins from fruits and veggies are mostly denatured removed when it’s made, and the company wants their product to appear healthier on the Nutrition Facts label that it actually is.

If you know someone who’s a V8 juice fanatic, whip up this easy recipe for them instead next time and see if they notice the difference!

Tastes-Like-a-V8 Juice Recipe:

-2 cups filtered water

-5 medium size kale leaves

-½ avocado

-2 Roma tomatoes

-3 garlic cloves

-juice of ½ lime

-½ tsp sea salt


Blend the ingredients together for a good 30 seconds to 1 minute and serve, preferably chilled. This combo is super high in vitamin C because of the tomatoes and even helps to kill bad bugs in your system thanks to the garlic.

I’ve personally never been a big fan of V8 juice but I made this the a few days ago in my Nutribullet for more of a smoothie-like consistency. You can also put it in your juice; you might want to be careful about the garlic though (I used one clove and it was still pretty strong).

It tasted really similar but I actually liked it much better because of the smoothness of the avocado, plus I could tell I was drinking something from real, organic ingredients that was good for me (big bonus in my book).

Thanks for reading! This recipe was taken from the book ‘Adrenaline Dominance’ and published with permission from Dr. Michael Platt.


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