This is what a collapsing political society looks like


“So apparently this is acceptable to some people in America, but can you imagine the outcome if a bunch of Americans were in Mexicos streets waving the American flag, turning over cars, beating and spitting on their citizens, disrupting their political events and disrepecting their country and flag along with the rest of it.”-BlackBox Politics(TM)


(INFOWARS)In San Jose, mobs carrying Mexican flags attacked and beat Trump supporters. Social media is replete with videos showing the violence.

CNN downplayed the assaults, describing the unprovoked attacks as “clashes” between “supporters of Donald Trump” and “protesters.”

“At the height of the biggest and most violent political protest San Jose has seen in decades, hundreds of people clashed with police and Trump supporters,” reports The Mercury News.



The newspaper refused to blame the “protesters” for the violence.

“Exactly who was involved in the violence outside and where they were from remains unclear, but numerous members of the crowd were Latinos from East San Jose who said they opposed the violence and condemned Trump for touting racism.”

Videos clearly show Latinos and others with Mexican flags attacking Trump supporters.


San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo blamed Trump for the violence against his supporters and said his candidacy and rallies are responsible. “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” he said.

Liccardo said nothing about the assaults or the less than appropriate response by police who mostly stood by and looked on as the mobs engaged in violence.

The events in California ahead of the state’s primary next week reveal the character of the anti-Trump movement: mobs of unruly youths, indistinguishable from gang members, beating people, destroying property and attacking police. Mindless violence, much of it whipped up by a corporate media that has portrayed Trump as a racist and fascist, is now regarded as a form of political protest.

“The protesters spilled into the nearby streets, with some standing on cars. Some held signs that read, ‘We need socialism’ and ‘A vote for Trump is a vote for fascism,’” CNN reports.

In fact, the vast majority of the rioters know virtually nothing about socialism, fascism or, for that matter, democracy. They are indistinguishable from gangsta thugs ruling the streets of South Chicago where dozens have been shot over the past few weeks.

What we saw on the streets of San Jose last night is a particularly virulent form of mob or herd mentality. It does not have a political coloration. It is tribal violence and racism encouraged by an establishment media responding to a threatened political class that has ruled America for decades.

People opposed to Donald Trump need to take note. Ugly scenes of violence and the lackadaisical response by police and city officialdom will result in millions of Americans turning out to vote for Trump in much the same way the “silent majority” voted Nixon into office following the political riots in Chicago in 1968.



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