‘Absolutely Enraging’: Hegseth Says Obama Admin Is Undermining VA Reform


In the wake of a Justice Department decision that could protect a fired VA official, some are suggesting that the Obama administration is trying to undermine VA reform.

Sharon Helman, the former director of the Phoenix VA who was fired in 2014 amid a scandal over patient care, is being given a chance to appeal the firing and be reinstated at her job.

Pete Hegseth said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” said this development is “enraging,” as Helman is the poster child of what is wrong with the VA.

Hegseth pointed out that not only did dozens of veterans die on Helman’s watch, she also pleaded guilty to not reporting tens of thousands of dollars in gifts she received from a lobbyist.

“She’s corrupt across the board,” Hegseth stated. “So if she gets another appeal … and gets her job back, it will demonstrate how corrupt the system is.”

He asserted that the White House is in bed with the unions, who want more and more protections for VA employees.

“Somehow government workers live in a special land where they can’t be fired?” Hegseth said. “It’s absolutely enraging. The Justice Department is in bed with the unions who [are] in bed with the White House. And that’s why nothing is changing.”

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says if you’re a corrupt worker at the VA, you can’t be fired. Find me where it says that. It doesn’t exist. They want more regulatory barriers between the employees that can be fired. It’s really unfortunate.”

(See Video)


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