CNN Scoffs at Idea Clinton Foundation Could Be Corrupt


On Wednesday’s CNN Newsroom, host Carol Costello sided with liberal CNN contributor Sally Kohn in rejecting outright the idea that the Clinton Foundation could be corrupt. During a discussion on the charges brought against Trump University and each candidate’s contributions to veterans, Trump supporter Gina Loudon asserted that the Clinton Foundation keeps the majority of its donations instead of giving it out to vets. Costello and Kohn scoffed at the criticism, while Costello acted as if she had never even heard that the foundation faced ethical controversies.


The segment began with Trump supporter Gina Loudon firing back at Kohn’s criticism of Trump University, saying that the Democrat candidate faced charges of corruption with her own organization.

GINA LOUDON, TRUMP SUPPORTER: I think that first of all it’s interesting that we’re looking at this on the heels of him giving more than $5 million to veterans just yesterday with his organization and you hold his organization up to for example, the Clinton foundation that keeps upward of 80% of the money raised. They are not doling it out. I’m looking for Hillary’s donations to veterans and I’m not seeing that. You use words like dangerous with regard to Mr. Trump, I don’t know, to me dangerous are the things that the Clinton administration has done, the long history of what they’ve done to women and Hillary’s cover-up of that, and lack of defense of women in the face of things that were done and perpetuated by her husband, not just the extra marital affairs but the abuses.

Host Carol Costello jumped in here to defend Clinton, “Hillary Clinton did articulate what she’s done for veterans and we’re pulling that sound now.” She turned to CNN contributor and Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn to get her take.Kohn began by flatly rejecting Loudon’s claim, calling them “wholly incorrect.”

SALLY KOHN: As far as I know, the numbers that Gina gave are wholly incorrect and Clinton foundation, hold them up to scrutiny, do that.

Later, Costello fact-checked Loudon on her numbers about the Clinton Foundation, asking “Where did you get that number?” After Loudon said it was public record, Costello shut down Loudon with disbelief and mockery:

COSTELLO: I’m going to stop you both right there and I’m going to bring in Phil Mattingly because I don’t know where you’re getting your figures so it kind of makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know where you get that 80% thing, I don’t get my information by googling.


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