Shocking : US Companies Teaming Up With Pro-Amnesty & Open-borders Group “La Raza”



The National Council of La Raza “The Race,” is a radical left-wing Latino organization promoting open borders, amnesty for illegals, and fighting for welfare, housing and other government assisance for illegal aliens.

La Raza is currently recruiting sponsors for their 2016 annual conference.  They claim that Latinos purchase approximately $1.2 trillion annually, so the organization is placing pressure on large corporations to partner up with them.

“Latinos are a driving political and economic force in the United States,” says the recruitment message.

Back when the organization was first founded, their battle cry was that they were here to reclaim their land from the gringo.

On The La Raza website, they claim the following  companies are their sponsors:


In addition, the incompetent and seemingly racist police chief from San Jose, who gave a “stand-down order” to officers while Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied, is a proud member of the anti-American racist group “La Raza.”

Read that shocking story here.



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