Chuck Todd on FL Shooting: ‘We Seem to Lack Control and Moral on the Gun Issue’


“These people are psychopaths, literally.
They are the same people who tell you “raising the debt limit doesn’t raise the debt limit.” The same people who tell you there is no Hilary email scandal or wrong doing. The same people who tell you that terrorist acts committed in America is just a gun problem even when isis personally comes out 3 days before the act and takes credit and immediately after the act. The same people who tell you the American economy has never been this great in American history. The same people who tell you that you can’t grow a garden in your yard. The same people who take your children away for living off the grid and charge you with “child abuse”. The same people who tell you we need to assimilate to Islam. I could go on for a good long while. Months ago we and many others predicted America will experience our own ‘Brussels attack’, here it is. Like we have been saying and will continue to say America will turn into France and Germany, or all of Europe for that matter. The borders are wide open, no security other than a select few areas, we are even shipping in illegals by the bus loads and turning them loose. Our administration refuses to recognize the threat, acknowledge the threat, dicuss the threat, or do anything to prevent the threats. The incompetence and purposeful destruction of America by this infiltrated government are allowing these things to happen so more of our freedoms are lost and they gain more control over us.”-BlackBox Politics(TM)


(BREITBART) See the video

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while commenting on the overnight shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, FL in which approximately 20 people were killed and over 40 were injured and that authorities are investigating as an act of terrorism, host Chuck Todd raised the “gun issue.”

Todd said, “Joy [Reid], that’s the overwhelming feeling I have that  is there is this feeling of insecurity. We lack control on terrorism issue . We seem to lack control and moral on the gun issue. We lack cultural norms. There’s just a part of this that feels like a new normal. It’s a an uncomfortable normal.”


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