Political correctness now a deadly epidemic: Islamic terrorist kills 50+ at gay bar in Orlando but media reluctant to call it terrorism


(InvestmentWatch)Political correctness now a deadly epidemic: Islamic terrorist kills 50+ at gay bar in Orlando but media reluctant to call it terrorism

(NaturalNews) Over 50 people have been killed at a gay bar in Orlando as a gunman being invested for “ties to Islamic terrorism” opened fire late last night. News of the slaughter is exploding across the media today, but here’s what they won’t dare report.

First of all, over the last 2-3 years, any person who claimed that radical Islam posed any danger whatsoever to the safety of U.S. citizens was called an intolerant bigot by the political left. This was all part of the “political correctness” brigade that seeks to shut down rational caution by labeling it “intolerance.” Even though Islam religious leaders openly teach the murder of gays, we were all supposed to embrace their religion and welcome even more violent terrorists into our nation.

Second, the entire mainstream media has so far deliberately conspired to avoid mentioning any ties to radical Islam among both the San Bernardino shooters (from a few months back) as well as today’s shooting in Orlando. The twisted narrative from the mainstream media will focus entirely on the weapon rather than the person wielding it. They will only reluctantly mention radical Islam if they can no longer avoid doing so.

Thirdly — and the entire mainstream media will deliberately refuse to print this — ISIS announced that it was targeting Florida for a major attack just three days ago. As stated inthis article at The Gateway Pundit:

Three days ago – Major Muslim ISIS Terrorists Makes Declaration To target Florida…

And lastly, the shooter now identified as Omar Mir Seddique Mateen is a registered democrat.

The mainstream narrative LIE focused on calling this a “hate crime” against gays… but it was actually a terrorist attack against Americans

Instead of acknowledging that this is an act of terrorism carried out by an organized, radical wing of Islam, the entire mainstream media has falsely characterized this attack as a “hate crime” that targeted gays. They are only now finally admitting it was an act of terrorism after undeniable evidence linking the shooter to ISIS has been cited by the FBI.

Here are just some of the ways the mainstream media will deliberately distort this story:

• They will refuse to mention the shooter’s full name, because it sounds like a Muslim name.

• They will Photoshop the shooter’s photos to make him appear as WHITE as possible, implying this is a “white guys with guns” problem in society.

• They will blame the gun but not the person wielding it. Somehow the inanimate object will be vilified, but never the person who pulled the trigger.

• They will never dare mention that the shooter is a registered democrat, because they have to push the narrative that only Republicans are violent shooters, never democrats.

Above all, the media will call for the complete disarmament of citizens even as open borders bring more radical terrorists into our nation

The worst of all this is that the entire mainstream media will use this event to ludicrously call for the complete disarmament of all American citizens, even as wide open borders allow any number of terrorists to walk right into the country.

The controlled establishment media, in other words, wants to take away your constitutional right to self-defense, even as terror attacks on American soil have now reached epidemic levels that put us all at risk. To accomplish this, they must call this act of terror a “hate crime” while avoiding any mention of the Islamic terrorist who carried it out.

As Ammoland.com rightly points out:

Now the question is when our President makes his first public comments on the attack will he take the fight to radical Islam or will Hussein Barack Obama call for more domestic gun control in the name of fighting “hate crimes”, racism and so called “guns everywhere extremist” … We are losing this war with radical Islam due to political correctness by the Obama Administration, let us hope our President proves me wrong.

Where to get accurate information about this shooting and why it happened

If you want accurate information about this shooting, turn off CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the other lying mainstream media outlets. Instead, read the news at Breitbart.com,Newstarget.com or Infowars.com.

Watch Paul Joseph Watson explain why Islam has “a violence problem” against gays in this video where he says, “A single Muslim just killed more gays than so-called ‘gay bashing’ killed in the last 50 years… Trump warned about Brussels before it happened, and he’s been proven right yet again.”

Questions that will awaken your mind (if you dare to seek the answers…)

1) The mainstream media is broadcasting all the bloody images of the carnage at the Orlando gay bar shooting. Yet we were never shown any blood at all from the Sandy Hook massacre. Then, we were told that showing all the blood of the “dead children” wouldn’t be appropriate for broadcast news. Hmmm… so why is it appropriate now?

2) Anyone who points out the shooter is Islamic will be decried as an “intolerant bigot.” But if the shooter had been WHITE and Christian, the entire media would be hammering home that point every 60 seconds. Why is criticism of Islam disallowed in America, while criticism of whites or Christians is openly condoned by the media? Since when did it become BAD to be Christian but GOOD to be Muslim in America?

3) There exists a gay gun rights group known as Pink Pistols. They have the answers to this shooting, but they will be complete ignored by the mainstream media. Ever wonder why they don’t want to talk to armed gay men who practice self-defense? You can read about the group at this link at Guns.com.


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