This will shock you. Hypnosis and CIA MK Ultra mind control in the White House


The entire congress is under some kind of power. There whole misdemeanour says it all, just blank looks on their faces. They don’t even know if they are coming or going. The shadow secret government think we are all stupid and so dumbed down, that everyone will believe this video is just a joke. But its no joke people, this is real, just watch Bushes lips, and you will see they match the speech exactly. Bush had at least 6 clone doubles. The original George Bush is dead. You are all being taken for a ride through the lies of the media and Hollywood, that you cant see the truth, even when its displayed right in front of your eyes. Just look at the congress, they all look like there bedazzled and under total mind control. And don’t forget that Queen Elizabeth now has 44 of her cousins and relatives in the American senate. In satanic circles she is know as the Queen of Hell. One below Lucifer and known as Pindar. He is now waiting to go into his Prince.

TIME IS UP FOLKS, GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD WHILE YOU STILL CAN. The Holy Spirit is going to be removed, once the Bride of Christ has been raptured to safety. May G-D have mercy on all those left behind to face the Devil in total control of the earth.
G-D gives us open visions and dreams.
Satan gives us Tell — A — VISION


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