Hillary Campaign Funded By 9/11 Terrorists



Hillary Campaign Funded By 9/11 Terrorists

Hillary’s NWO cohort, President Obama, utilized the Hegelian Dialectic to simply lie out of both sides of his mouth to get elected.

Obama racked up countless broken promises, a tactic Hillary wields with abandon.

The latest hell hound on Hillary’s trail is the fact that twenty percent of her campaign is funded by none other than Saudi Arabia.

That’s right, Hillary is funded by those responsible for 9/11.

The country that bought its way onto the United Nation’s Human Rights council, while simultaneously beheading its own citizens.

The 2016 death toll in Saudi Arabia is up to 95 as of June 2nd, 2016.

The Country that has a legal system based on Sharia Law with a Sharia Law mole compromising a potential U.S. President in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood linked Huma Abedin via her parents and her brothers.


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