Ron Paul message:THIS Is What The U.S. Government Is Forcing On Other Countries?



Ron Paul Message:THIS Is What The U.S. Government Is Forcing On Other Countries?

We’re always told that the U.S. government spreads “freedom and democracy” around the world. It’s not true, but propaganda is never about truth. The fact that the U.S. has created mass death, destruction, migration and chaos always seems to play second fiddle to the “freedom and democracy” slogan.

Before worrying about other countries, do we even have freedom here?

Democracy is less of a concern because there is nothing special about mob rule. We’re supposed to be a Constitutional Republic anyway, and not a democracy. The history of democracies is pitiful. America’s Founders knew that.

But freedom is important, so let’s talk about that. 

The Dalai Lama said something pertinent here. He said: “It’s far more useful to be aware of a single shortcoming in ourselves than to be aware of 1,000 in someone else.”

So what’s the deal? Is the country that talks about “spreading freedom” around the world even free itself?

Well, we have the largest government in the history of mankind. And since the great economist Ludwig von Mises pointed out that government is the negation of liberty,” it’s not a good thing that we have such a sprawling octopus for a government.

Yesterday 311 pages of regulations were added into the Federal Register. The day before, there were 507 pages added, and 575 the day before that. Every day the government squeezes American life like an anaconda squeezes its prey.

Businesses and corporations have largely given up, and have taken their ventures offshore. Who can blame them? In America, there are regulations on who you can hire, and how you can fire them. Are they too old or young, straight or gay, black or white?

There are ridiculous notions that companies need to provide “healthcare” and “access” to this, that, and the other thing.

Then there are licenses, and competitors that get in bed with government to get subsidies, monopoly privileges, and special treatment. It seems like you need a license for everything! Finally, these practices have reached the grand-slam stage. Government now forces people to purchase services provided by private companies. What a setup!

All of those regulations that are added every day make being an employer in the U.S. too much to handle. So off to greener pastures they go. There are 195 other nations in the world, many with governments that will welcome your business with open arms.

It used to be that “the business of America is business.” Now it’s “the business of America is government”.

It’s all government….all the time.

THIS is what the U.S. is trying to force on the rest of the world? All government, all the time?

Then there’s the 24/7 war propaganda.

Go to a sports game, and you listen to the troops sing (now several times during a game). Television is filled with the same stuff. The Pentagon has the largest “advertising” budget on the planet!

Speaking about the planet. Government tries to convince people to waste their time and energy “recycling,” while the same exact government is the single largest polluter on Earth!

Military empires are horrible for the environment. They’re pollution machines that are running around the clock. You knew that though, right?

THIS is what the U.S. government is trying to force on the rest of the world?

Let’s talk about democracy in America, just for the laughs.

Smartly, most Americans don’t vote because they’ve figured it out. But for those that do vote, they’re given a choice of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump speaks in generalities. He feeds on emotions. The most detail that you’ll get from him is that America has to be “smart,” “strong,” and “tough”.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who has more baggage than probably anyone in the entire country, has not given a single press conference in over 6 months!

So there’s one candidate who fires people up emotionally saying literally nothing, while the other candidate hides from the press, and hopes to sneak in somehow under the radar.

To top it off, these two candidates are the most unfavorable ever!

THIS is what we’re trying to force on the rest of the world?

Ron Paul has it right. You lead the global stage by example, not by military arms. America was once a land of liberty far greater than it is today. It has become a land of government.

We should be striving for liberty here, and no foreign entanglements abroad. Hopefully, other nations will seek to emulate us. Perhaps they won’t, and that’s their business, not ours.

Right now, not only does America set a bottom-of-the-barrel example, but it simultaneously turns other nations into chaotic wastelands.

Ideas must change in order to revive the dying “land of the free”.


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