Journalist Harassed By Police For Open Carrying



Journalist Harassed By Police For Open Carrying-

Dallas police question reporter for carrying handgun.

A journalist was harassed by police outside the Donald Trump rally in Dallas, Texas for arming himself.

The police were forced to leave him alone after realizing he was not breaking any laws.

From BlackBox Politics(TM)-“
“The police are allowed to carry a gun because of the second amendment, not just based on the federal government saying so or saying they can. Journalist or rather citizens are afforded the same rights as the police officers are. However, what we are seeing is the federal government slowly twisting, training and turning the perception into that only officers and the government are allowed to be armed. Anyone els who is armed needs to be questioned, identified, guilty until proven innocent etc. Civilians are getting treated like they are living in the government’s country, and not we the peoples country. Many officers are able to see through this, then again many are not.”

Uncensored: Angry Mother Goes off on Illegals

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs captures video of a woman who is upset about illegals wasting U.S. tax dollars at Trump’s rally in Dallas.


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