The View’s Joy Behar: Donald Trump is “Working With ISIS to Kill Us”



The View’s Joy Behar: Donald Trump is “Working With ISIS to Kill Us”-

“He’s the recruiter in chief”.

The View’s Joy Behar had a nuanced and cogent analysis of the Colorado gay nightclub massacre, commenting that Donald Trump is “working with ISIS to kill us.”

Criticizing the presumptive Republican candidate for drawing attention to Islamic terrorism in the aftermath of the shooting, Behar and Whoopi Goldberg immediately went off on a tangent about the Obama “birther” controversy.

Another guest then claims that there are “no ties between the shooter and ISIS at all.” In reality, Omar Mateen called cops during the massacre to swear allegiance to ISIS. He also pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook. The Islamic State also claimed responsibility for the attack.

“The thing about Trump though, he’s the recruiter in chief,” states Behar.

“He is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together. Just remember what I’m saying,” asserts Behar, going on to label Trump “a dangerous menace to the country.”

Another guest then complains about the fact that the first thing people noticed about the shooter was that he is Muslim (off camera Behar comments that this is racist despite Islam not being a race).

She also claims that since Trump announced his candidacy she has been treated as a “non-American” because of her brown skin (while failing to provide a single example of such discrimination).

So let’s go through the checklist as it pertains to Pulse gunman Omar Mateen;

– Devout Muslim

– Registered Democrat

– Motivated by a hateful ideology defended & supported by the left.

Yep, must be Trump’s fault!


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