Obama Administration deletes ISIS references from ORLANDO 911 calls.



Obama Administration deletes ISIS references from ORLANDO 911 calls.

I know Obama wants to deny that ISIS and radical Islam exists, but this is going way too far. This is technically an out and out lie! They are altering the original 911 call, which should be against the law.

The American people have a right to know the truth. Some people rely on the MSM for their news, and they will be deprived of hearing the authentic 911 calls from the Orlando shooter.


This is just the latest in a series of efforts by the Obama administration to downplay ISIS terrorism and other radical Islamist terrorism. Last week, President Obama angrily claimed that correctly identifying radical Islamist terror as radical Islamist terror was silly and wouldn’t improve the Obama administration’s strategy for combatting the threat it poses.

And in April, the White House edited a video of French President discussing “Islamist terrorism,” later blaming it on a technical glitch when critics complained. Here are four problems with Obama’s approach.

1) If The White House Wants to Downplay ISIS, This Doesn’t Do That

For reasons they haven’t made even remotely clear, members of the Obama administration from the big guy on down have tried to pooh-pooh Islamist terrorism. Byron York catalogued some instances of this in January 2015.



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