Putin Sends Warning To Trump And All America: ‘US Elections Being Stolen’ – This Video Can Stop WW3


Putin Sends Warning To Trump And All America: ‘US Elections Being Stolen’ – This Video Can Stop WW3.

In the outstanding video below which is now seeing some attention across the alternative media but will probably never be touched upon by most of the mainstream media, Russian President Vladimir Putin completely unloads upon Fareed Zakaria of CNN fame while telling him, among many other things, that AT LEAST two US elections have already been stolen, a warning to Donald Trump of what may be coming with the entire ‘new world order’ now on the line. Putin immediately calls out Zhakaria for the way he categorized previous Putin comments, showing us once again, that those working within the mainstream media are well trained at twisting the words coming from the mouths of others for the benefit of the NWO.

While the recent story over at SHTFPlan tells us that the US is sleepwalking towards a nuclear confrontation “in our astounding stupidity”, we hear directly from the leader of the nation that the US is regularly antagonizing…and who could completely destroy America within an hour by delivering an EMP attack upon us that there is no way that we could stop, sending America back to a time without electricitiy, internet, running water, utilities, a banking system, and devoid of much of government except for the ‘continuity of government’ which would by then be living in their snug little bunkers underground in Denver.

In this eye-opening video, Putin completely destroys the thuggish policies that the Obama administration has had towards Russia (not to mention towards the American people) and we learn why Donald Trump could be ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ in wanting to have healthy and good relationships with Russia. Why WOULDN’T the Obama administration want ‘healthy relationships’ with Russia? As anybody who listens to this video can hear, Putin is NOT looking for war with the US but respectful relationships. Why would we be preparing for war against them that would lead to our total destruction?




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