The Brexit seems to good to be true. It seemed all to easy. Was it really a defeat for the globalist or did they want and allow the Brexit? While it is a victory in a sense, how or in what way will the globalist use this to their advantage?

Soft forms of capital controls already seem to be drumming up since the BREXIT (see both articles below), although it’s nothing to sound the alarm over, yet.

Continuing, BREXIT causes panic in the financial community sending warning signals and red flags up in mass. Central bankers start withdrawing from cental bank gatherings (see article below).


A gut feeling still lingers in many about the BREXIT being a setup disguised by a feel good narrative, intentions and the illusion of the people becoming “free” from their oppressors. Was this a way of programming or calming tensions among the masses so they can continue running the show in the exact same way without actually making any major changes to their accomplishments? We know the globalist operate using the hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution.

1. The Problem or Created problem- an oppressed people. Oppression through central banking; political corruption, and government incompetence.

2. The Reaction- voting to leave the oppressors (EU), which consits of the created problem of central banking, political corruption and government incompetence.

3. The Solution- Allow the Brexit which will be used in their favor, somehow, someway. Allowing the Brexit may have opened up new avenues of approach to accomplishing their goal of a New World order. Order out of chaos. To bring in the New World order they must demolish the old order, is this what we are seeing?

If it was truely a victory for the people, be sure the globalist will and already have been trying to twist and use this to their ends.

The bible clearly says the New World order will be allowed to win or reign supreme for a short while before being obliterated, was this truly a victory for the people or was it nothing more than everything going according as planned. 


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