It is now, the Summer of Chaos. Obama plans for the country’s Summer of Chaos, his order to destabilize the nation. How do you like it so far?


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Most of these mass shootings are orchastrated, carried out by patsy(s),  establishment agents, mentally ill people, or those on certain prescription medications.  Loss of life and injuries are often real, other times they are staged crisis actors ( that’s purpose is desinsitizing the American public, instilling fear and pushing for gun control or any other Globalization  agenda. Obama did say he will “spend his last year in office dedicated to gun control.”

At the North American Union Leaders Summit Obama stated, “We are going to keep on pushing hard to shape a international order that works for our people.” -Obama. We know the American citizens, we the people, are not Obamas people, he must be referring to his globalist New World Order cohorts. We and many other common sensed patriots warned that with the increase of migrants flooding our country, the push for gun control on behalf of the establishment along with their world order, mass shootings and violence will rise two fold. Which is exactly what we are seeing. Everyday just about there has been a shooting. Terrorsit acts have risen around the world. They will continue these tactics and others until they are able to get our guns, break the will of the people and desinsitize the public. How do we know this, Obama said so; “We are going to keep on pushing hard to shape a international order that works for our people.” -Obama

Think of this international New World order as something like Obamacare, it’s not for you, it’s not for the country or we the people. It’s for his people, people like Jonathan Gruber (architect of obamacare) who admitted, “It was a screw job, and it was passed based on the stupidity of the American voters, the stupidity of the American voters was essential in passing Obamacare.” Basically Obama and Gruber purposely wrote Obamacare to rip off the American people (make money), that’s why prices continue to go up and will continue, also to take control of our healthcare which is a form of control over us. Side Note: Taking over Healthcare is a tactic Obama is following that was written by Saul Alinsky (8 rules for radicals, control and take over of a nation). Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky 8 rules for radicals. I don’t believe in coincidences, it’s no surprise Obama and Hillary are in positions of power at the same time with similar beliefs and loyalties, both having the chance to have served the country as president. Not to include Hillary not being indicted when she should have been. Things stink to high heaven, it doesnt hurt to prepare yourself for a Greece or Venezuelan style like decline at some point in the future, near. If you are caught with your pants down after the fact or crisis ensues, you mind as well kiss it.

Below is the: ‪#‎NorthAmericanUnion‬ Leaders Summit; (2) Obama quotes. (1) Chuck Hagel; cnbc quote. ‪#‎OutInTheOpen‬ ‪#‎NewWorldOrder‬

“First of all, the integration of national economy’s into a global economy is here, that’s done. And so the question is not whether or not there is going to be a international global economy, there is one.” -North America Union Leaders Summit*President Obama

“How much does America want to invest in around the world. We are seeing a New World order being built, a post ww2 world order. I don’t think America can retreat from that. I think we have to balance, adapt and adjust to this new world order and that’s what we are doing.”-Chuck Hagel*CNBC

“We are going to keep on pushing hard to shape a international order that works for our people.” -Obama


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