Presidential ‘seal’ of approval: Clinton campaigns with official POTUS seal

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton © Brian Snyder

The internet has erupted after President Obama provided Hillary Clinton with more than just a warm-up speech at a campaign stop in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was welcomed to use the Seal of the President of the United States, which many found objectionable.


Clinton also was treated to a ride on Air Force One on Tuesday, as she and President Barack Obama made their way to their first 2016 campaign appearance together.

Mere hours earlier, FBI Director James Comey announced that no recommendation for an indictment would be made against the former Secretary of State, following an investigation into her use of private email servers during her tenure at the State Department.

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On a day of such political contrast, with Comey saying Clinton acted in an “extremely careless” manner, while the sitting president saw his party’s nominee speak in front of his seal-emblazoned lectern, the reactions on Twitter were mixed.


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