Party time: George Bush shocks America with little dance at Dallas police memorial service (VIDEO)

Former first lady Laura Bush, former President George W. Bush, first lady Michelle Obama and U.S. President Barack Obama join hands as they sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic during a memorial service for five policemen killed last week in a sniper attack in Dallas, Texas July 12, 2016. © Reuters


Just when it seemed former President George W. Bush was at a safe enough distance from the public eye, he sparked another media storm by swaying side to side to organ music at a memorial service for slain Dallas police officers, as the nation watched on.

Enjoying himself a little too much, Bush threatened to spoil the entire somber mood of the occasion as he held hands with Michelle Obama, who in turn held the hand of her husband, the incumbent president, forming a chain of hands that included other senior White House officials. To his right, Bush held hands with his wife Laura, followed by Joe Biden and his spouse.

As everyone tried to keep still and project a sense of togetherness and collective loss, Bush could not contain himself and did a little dance, and even tried to induce others to join in. Michelle Obama was the first victim, and Barack also felt the effects of a sort of wavy motion that had begun.

The tune that made the former president so giddy was an organ and choir version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, but if the sound had been off, one might have thought Bush was doing a campfire number.



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The former president was also ostensibly the only official on stage wearing a royal blue suit as he stood in a sea of black.


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