The People Want Answers To Why Their Standard Of Living Hasn’t Improved In 30 Years.

D.CAMBIASO BlackBox Politics:

“In short The reason why our standard of living has not improved in 30 years is because right now we, the world, are being robbed and ruled by a combination of the Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt, 1789 style Jacobins (french revolution), Keynesian economics, Socialist, Marxist, communist ideologies, tactics, perceptions, indoctrinations, tactics etc. They don’t want you to know this of course and is why they have their clueless news puppets on TV saying everything is going to be fine, keep putting your money in stocks, the economy has never bee been stronger. The fact is, and the data backs it up for anyone who cares or looks at it, that is we have been collapsing since 2008 with artifical growth. i.e. The printing of paper and digital money out of thin air, backed by nothing, via the Federal Reserve.”



The economy sucks for the majority of Americans. While the libs try to make the election about blacks, gays, and globull warming, the people want answers to why their standard of living hasn’t improved in 30 years.

Infographic: The Top Issues For Voters In The 2016 Election | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista


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