U.S. hacks Russia? Cyber warfare-Joe Bidens promise of ‘proportional response’to Russia “cyber threats” fulfilled?

A Blackbox Politics analysis

In a recent interview, Joe Biden promised a “proportional response” back at Russias supposed “cyber threats”, saying Russia has hacked the U.S. Biden also states he “hopes the American people do not find out” or know when a proportional response is carried out by the U.S. on Russia. Does the second video (below) show Joe Bidens “proportional response” being fulfilled as promised, carried out under the disguise of some lone hacker called the Jester? Or is the Jester a cover story so the American people are unaware of the United States possibly conducting cyber warfare against Russia.

Here is the video of Joe Bidens interview promising a proportional response to Russia suppose “cyber threats”:


In this second video below, a lone wolf hacker called the Jester, possibly a cover story for the U.S., has claimed responsibility for hacking Russias foreign ministry website as reported on Fox News.


-D. Cambiaso



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