(Video) George Soros: Hillary Presidency a Done Deal.

On October 17, 2016 BlackBox Politics-Facebook.com/breakingtheherd deconstructed a recent interview of George Soros, conducted by Bloomberg, stating  Hillary Clinton will win the electoral college vote, while Donald Trump wins the popular vote. Video below.


George Soros claims Clinton presidency already a done deal. States Donald will win popular vote, not electoral.


The popular vote does not matter, its purpose is to make people feel like they have a voice or say in the out come, when in fact they do not. The electoral college has the only and final say in the outcome. If the popular vote mattered or actually counted, the electoral college would essentially be useless. Notice how he says, “they are paid political announcers”, meaning they are on the pay role of those calling the shots, which isn’t we the people. He also almost admitted, as you can hear him stumble, “they are a paid political element” but chose the word announcers instead. Paid announcers sound better than paid element. Also, by using or saying “paid element” means a legally binding and public admission that the electoral college is rigged and paid off, which is treason against the United States as per the law of the land aka the Constitution. He also admits yes, the popular vote will more than likely be for Donald Trump, but eludes to the vote for Donald being stolen, or rather not honored, by the electoral. He makes it very clear they are two separate entities.  He also states hillary is a done deal. If you know who and what George soros is capable of and has done, that isn’t a light statement, nor a joke or simple opinionated statement. It is violently and intellectually calculated backed by power, resources, control and loyalty to the New World Order. 




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