If Trump elected, will elites allow banks to collapse, blame Trump for it?


Just a thought, jumping into the mindset of the elites, think tank talk.

If the establishment is unable to seat their candidate Hillary Clinton in the White House, is it a possibility the elites in collusion with the Federal Reserve, will allow the bank derivatives to collapse and blame it on Donald Trump?

We know if Donald Trump is elected, the establishment will not go down without a fight or give up so easily. They could drag everyone of us down with them. We also know central banks around the world are helping prop up insolvent banks and stock markets. All eyes are on Deutsche Bank right now including their near $64 trillion in derivatives. ‘Too big to fail’ Banks in America such as Jp Morgan, Bank of America and Citi, to name a few, are holding over $247 trillion in derivatives.  It is not hard to imagine the establishment pulling a series of stunts or ‘trick up the sleeve’ scenario. They are not above threatening collapse if they do not get their way, nor are they above inducing one.





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