Elites may choose Trump; Hillary too unpalatable to the masses. Globalist- Hard or soft push?

The elites have two choices for America, a hard knock (Clinton presidency) or a soft knock (Trump presidency). 

The hard knock referrence I make refers to a Clinton presidency chosen by the elites, which is capable of vast civil unrest and turmoil. Remeber George Soros stated not long ago, in a Bloomberg interview, that a Clinton presidency “is a done deal.” The country has been going through ever increasing turmoil that has not been seen for generations with no end in site. Nearly everyone throughout the country has or is experiencing high tensions, stress, and anxiety whether at home, the work place or on the streets. A Clinton presidency will undoubtedly increase the vibe of the country ten fold and the outcomes of such negative energy will only add to the current turmoil, like a overweighted freight train gaining momentum to its inevitable end. As Hillary Clinton and her entourages scandals continue to grow, it is very clear that she is a candidate that is not very appealing or palatable to the masses in anyway. 

The elites/globalist do not like revolt or civil unrest amoung the masses, unless they themselves purposely create it. With a Clinton presidency, there will be pockets of revolt, if not on a larger scale, to a certain degree. The elites/globalist also do not like taking the blame or being seen as wrong doers. They always make themselves out to be angels of light saving the world with all of the answers, which they are the complete opposite of. Their take over, one world government/global governance, subversion of the people and sovereign nations relies on having a benevolent mask to it. Hillary Clinton has taken off that mask and shown the world how ugly it can be.


The elites/globalist may try to put the mask back on the ugly face of their true form by allowing a Trump victory, throwing Hillary to the wolves and continuing to work behind the scenes “benevolently”. A Trump victory will guarantee a happier populace, for the time being, a restoration of some level of confidence back in “the system” and a more palatable candidate for years to come rather than Hillary, who belongs in prsion. However, if the elites/globalist want revolt or are betting on it, or feel they need to push back hard to combat the rising liberty movement, then please remain clear of the train tracks as we have an over weighted freight train bearing down on us.



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