Well played George Soros. People now buy into the illusion more than ever before.

Most of us thought Hillary was going to win based on Geroge Sorors saying she was, but that was part of the plan. Soros knows people are paying attention to him now more than ever, including what he says. If George Soros said she was going to win, but then Trump won like he did, it would give the people the feeling or sense that they have defeated the establishment or have some kind of power over it, keeping them in the illusion of the left right paradigm even more so. Many of us also thought team Hillary were totally going to outright steal it in front of everyone’s faces with a smile. However, that goes against the elites blue print for contiuned power and control. It’s not so surprising Trump won, the elites know Trump is more appealing to the masses, including his tailored ‘anti-establishment/globalist’ mantra. It is perfectly tailored for the current times, enviroment and mindset of the people, like always. This controlled opposition mantra gives the people the sense that ‘we have won and do have a say or voice’, keeping them in the illusion/already broken system. It gives them a sense that they can create change through this controlled paradigm and illusion. The elites know they need a happy populace, a populace feeling connected to a particular candidate that they think will bring change. It wasn’t hard to tailor this illusion, especially against someone like Hillary Clinton. The elites/globalist know they must continue to get people buying into the system, this illusion and paradigm for it to stay alive and in power over the people. With Hillary, that would not have been possible at all. The elites know they have to give the people a controlled opposition of hope, if not, the people will revolt, taking down this controlled illusion paradigm system with them.


We can guarantee Trump will not end the Federal Reserve/central banking, will not put us back on a gold and silver standard or null and void the illegal and unconstitutional keynesian debts. The elites/globalist most powerful institutions and organizations will be left standing and operating, continuing their work to undermine the United States.


A Trump victory accomplished keeping the people believing in the left right paradigm, it has reeled them in even further into the controlled illusion. Globalism is not setup and was not setup to be destroyed or dismantled so easily, by chance or whim.


In the words of Ron Paul:



Video of George Soros saying Hillary will win.









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