At BlackBox Politics(TM) we have two goals. Documenting and informing the public about the transformation of America into a New World Order, the emergence of a totalitarian one world government. Some of their goals are inscribed on the Georgia Guide stones and a visualization of these goals are depicted at Denver international airport specifically, the paintings or murals found throughout the airport.  We are also dedicated to informing and providing the solutions to the life altering damage caused by the Eugenics agenda. This agenda has been forced upon the mass population that has infiltrated our water, food supply and the air we breathe on a daily basis by stealth, without the consent or knowledge of the public. BlackBox Politics(TM) brings you documented alternative news the mainstream media and establishment refuses to show and attempts to censor along with the highest quality concentrated organic nutraceuticals and natural remedies formulated and certified through the USDA and CCOF.



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