1. Raptorman says:

    Been following your site. Great info. Did a report that your readers may benefit from. Just wanna get the truth out. Please repost if you find useful. https://raptormanreports.com/2016/10/05/who-commands-your-f-e-m-a-region MAP OF WHO COMMANDS FEMA REGIONS


    • Thanks! I’ve been following your site as well. I’ll be reposting this on my WordPress and sharing it to my Facebook page facebook.com/breakingtheherd. If you haven’t already, Check out the videos on YouTube of military drills taking place among the public to condition them for martial law. I’ve never seen anything like it and when I was in the marine corps this was always a big no no, it seems to be the new normal now.


      • Raptorman says:

        I have become increasingly alarmed as well. That’s why we are doing what we do. I have seen FEMA region maps before but never declassified documents. Where you can write to the commander of the supposedly non existent FEMA region. Unbelievable but real. Thanks, anything I can do let me know.


      • Have you seen the army manual fm 3-39.40 about detaining citizens in fema camps? Do you have a Facebook page? I do most of my in depth reporting/analysis/decoding there. It falls in line with exactly what you’re reporting on which is hard to find.


      • Raptorman says:

        Yes I have seen that field manual and no I don’t have a Facebook. Trying to figure out my next move as far as promoting. I will most definitely check yours out. Being more of a research geek kinda need to work on that. The documents in report go very deep. The troop and equipment movements you are seeing are signed off on by these guys! Had to use two documents to de compartmentalize for the public. Please read documents carefully using the article as a guide you will see a lot. Your obviously a very intelligent person if you read these it explains it all. Those low flying military aircraft used to condition the public, mock raids in big cities across the nation, a grandma’s pot garden getting raided all goes through this chain of command.


      • Youtube/radio show and of course other social media platforms seems to be the best way of promotion but is extremely saturated. I’ve been trying to figure that out as well, a radio show seems to be the best way from what I see.

        Although not so simple, that’s all it really comes down to is reading and understanding all their released legislation/documents, their books, ideas, goals, agendas and mindset while looking at what’s happening, what it means and it’s consequences for the individual and nation. Putting that out in a simple plain english format for the public with links while decoding elitist jargon, terms, definitions and hidden meanings. Compiling or matching that inforamtion with their everyday news feeds, articles/propaganda, listening to their lectures/conferences and individual interviews, decompartmetalizing said information in an understandable platform as it relates to world news headlines/real world events and mainstream propaganda to see the real, bigger picture. What’s actually happening, being said and what it means vs what they tell the general public and how they would like them to view it. A good example being disarming the public under the false guise and pretense that they love us and want to protect us, but like Hitler said, to conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.

        I’ve had several extremely low flying military helicopters fly over the house. Had one stop and hover in the backyard of a neighbors house last year, close enough to see the pilots white helmet.


      • Raptorman says:

        Completely agree. Totally new to the information war and wanting to get the message out, learning fast how hard it is even with good content. Alex Jones helped me a lot just by taking my calls, showing my research on air and cutting videos. Took a lot of calls to get thru tho. Radio plus internet is a powerful combo. Like what Truthstream does cut video with article, like a song and a dance, that’s what I was trying. Not to great at video editing so kinda hard to do everytime. Plus YouTube down counts my videos severely and would never monetize. Did a story on that, mabey I’m a sore loser but know it happens to a lot of people. As far as military aircraft, oh ya used to be they flew really high for safety sake, like you said. Now see them all flying super low and don’t live in superpopulated area with any military bases for hundred miles. All vey troubling for our country.


      • Yeah you pretty much have to waterboard yourself all day everyday with information and then some. Getting through on his show can be hard, specially with the limited time he alots. I’m not great with video editing either, nor do I have any programs for video editing, the basis of my experience is windows movie maker lol. YouTube is cracking down on censoring and demonetizing videos and channels like you said and experienced. It’s becoming more difficult with the addition of increasing regulations and rules. Getting a large audience, following and recognition is becoming increasingly difficult, making some money off of it to fund your operation is even more difficult increasingly. I’m still looking for the “magical system” of blowing up if you will.


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